[tor-project] Notes from April 13 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Apr 21 09:22:24 UTC 2017

Notes for April 13 2017 meeting:

1) I'll be away from IRC next week, but hacking as time permits
2) Network-team development continues apace
3) worked with Isa on roadmap
4) worked with Roger/asn on SponsorM-catalyst coordination

=====Ongoing issues we should be aware of:
1) The russian exit relay operator
2) Khazakstan's dpi censorship (Allot) has spread to Azerbaijan. Also
Turkey continues to block Tor quite well and we don't know how. How do
we make progress there?
3) Snowflake development could use some attention.
4) Fastly blog post and renew
=====Stuff for individual people:
5) Fyi, MIT has blackholed all of riseup. (Fixed as of a week later.)
6) Who is leading: Sida follow-up?
7) Who is leading: Choosing people for DRL implementor's meeting?
8) Working with Nick on "censorship stuff Catalyst could work on"
9) Working with Griffin on "posting our 2015 990 soon"
10) Working with Isabela on "nsf point people from the network team"
11) Working with Linus on posting the corporate documents

1) Met with Mozilla last week and following up this week or early next week.
2) Talked about some AMS feedback with Biella and Linus.
3) Checking in with Jon about Montreal plans.
4) Scheduling trip to NY for Netgain meeting. Making plans to meet lots
of folks while I'm there.
5) Reviewing resumes for writer applicants and doing screening
interviews with Erin.
6) Interviewing/talking with a couple of people for CommDir position.

1) We are busy with preparing the new stable and first alpha release
(based on esr52)
2) I started to move our bug bounty program forward again

1) One last thing with ISC - changes on milestone 3
2) Following up on the roadmaps/dependencies things - emails to teams
are going out today
3) be off tomorrow all day
4) interviewing for comms dir
5) hiro is pretty much ready with a gitlab instance for network team to
try out (migrate out of trac project) / she is also digging into the
blog upgrade/migration work
6) Linda is working on the website redesign project - check her list for
this month at the ux team roadmap:

1) Met with Mozilla last week
2) Distracted by taxes this week

1) Got the funding proposal in shape for Cass to turn it into real
English next week.
2) Worked more on simulation of directory-request statistics with
Laplace noise with mixed results.
3) Got 3 OnionPerf instances up and reporting useful measurements.
4) Preparing to go on vacation starting tomorrow night until next Friday
morning.  (Somebody else will have to send these notes if they're
supposed to go out on Monday, otherwise they'll go out next Friday.)
5) Started a vote on the social contract, almost started another one for
community council membership.

1) We released ooniprobe 2.2.0 that includes the new web UI:
2) We wrote a blog post with some of events we attended in the past
months: https://ooni.torproject.org/post/ooni-iff-rightscon/
3) We wrote a blog post for a Brazilian newsletter (not yet published)
4) We are coordinating with people in DRC (Congo) to monitor ongoing
possible censorship events due to current protests
5) Updated test lists for Azerbaijan and Venezuela following reports
from people informing us of censorship events in the countries

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