[tor-project] Network team meetings notes from 17 April 2017

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Apr 19 21:58:48 UTC 2017


Our meeting transcript is at

Below our status report from this week


  Last week:
    - Short week due to easter in DK Thursday + Friday.
    - Finished cleaning up the patches for #21662, #21663, #21664.
    - Started uploading patches for #21662 + #21663 + #21664 to
https://gitlab.com/ahf/tor/tree/prop278/21663 for review. Should be done
tonight Danish time.
    - All the dirty code, except streaming support, is in

  This week:
    - Going to work on reviewing Nick's consdiff code.
    - Figure out a sensible upper bound for the LZMA code. (#21665)
    - Add the missing header code for Prop#278 to the directory code

    - last week was mostly house-hunting in Wisconsin with spouse
    - week before that, refactored some baseNN code
    - deleted some base64 code (nopad stuff)
    - still a fair amount of work to do in that space, will try to
outline some recommendations when i get a chance
    - started to look at anti-censorship stuff (sponsorM)

  Last week:
       - finished specification (first draft) of social bridge distributor
       - talked over some parts of draft with other cryptographers
       - finished up some loose ends of OTF contract

  This week:
        - Finish setting up the meek tunnel to BridgeDB

       - Sketch out notes on UX ideas for Linda
       - Sketch out API for TBB team
       - Close out OTF contract on Friday

  Last week:
      - Busy on #21859 which is gonna be used both by service and
client-side of prop224
      - Reviewed various HS groundwork tickets
      - Helped collect PT/censorship tasks that must be done on the
      - Tried to do some extra validation of ed25519 pubkeys based on
discussion with Ian. Failed.

  This week:
      - More work on e2e circuit stuff #21859
      - More work on implementing the validation required for ed25519 keys

    Last week:
        - Distracted by taxes and not feeling well
    This week:
        - Will fix up #16861 and rebase Adaptive Padding patches onto it
        - Further Adaptive Padding work

  - tentative amazing results from very large kist network simulation
    - more simulations in progress to confirm results
  - paper written and submitted by May 2nd
  - lots of progress implementing flexible scheduler selection
  - added preprocessor stuff to disable kist if it is impossible to run
(like on windows/osx)
    - is a consensus param desired to set UseKIST network-wide?
      - if so, how do? pointers to code that does something similar?
    ["Yes; see use of networkstatus_get_param()". -nick]

   - sent out sponsor 4 march report
   - start prepping for team roadmap/dependecy tracking exercise

   - Reviewed lots of prop224 backend code.
   - Finished "consdiffmgr" branch, which is the server-side backend for
prop140.  Now under review.
   - This week: on vacation!  I'll be reviewing code, not a lot more.

  - prop224 backend work with #21888
  - hidden service, hidden service, hidden service

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