[tor-project] Network team meeting notes from 10 April 2017

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Thu Apr 13 13:26:00 UTC 2017

Hi!  Our meeting transcript is at

Below are the status reports from this week

    * reviewed code, merged a bunch
    * worked on consensus diff stuff (more).  Now I have a labeled
storage system that can manage consensuses and make diffs in worker
threads. Next up is actually putting things there as they arrive;
actually launching the "build a diff" stuff, and the tests.
    * This week, planning to try to get consensus diff code ready for
some kind of review by end of week.
    * Mostly off IRC next week; going on trip with family (kid is on a
school break)

ASN says:

- Worked on the recent onion address and ed25519 threads that started in
  [tor-dev], and tried to figure out which things are worth doing. I
  opened two action item threads:

  I'd appreciate feedback from Ian (at least) before I proceed here. Ian
  still hasn't replied but I suspect he will just do it
  later. Otherwise, I'll ping him.

- Worked some more on prop279 (Name System API).

- Started working on an API for setting up e2e crypto on rendezvous
  circuits which is meant to be used by clients and services (#21859).

This week:

- Engage more with the ed25519/onion address tor-dev threads I posted above.

- Think more of the size of HS descriptors and about the recent solutions
  proposed in #21693.

- Continue e2e circuit work on #21859.

- Revise HS ntor branch based on nick's latest review.

- Figure out GSoC.

AHF says:
    - Helped review #21869 for Nick.
    - Had an Amsterdam follow-up meeting with Karsten + Samdney regarding
      Sponsor4 efforts impact on the metrics team. See:
    - Merged various fixes to proposal #278 (from `ahf/prop-278-fixes` on
    - Build tool fixing and testing patches for lzma2/zstd code landing (bug
      #21662 + 21663)

Other stuff:
    - Getting more into Rust.
    - Looked at GSoC proposals. Doesn't look like there was any submissions for
      the IPv6 proposal though.
    - Wrote an email to the tor-relays to hear if tor-fw-helper is used by
      anybody: so far only one person have replied that they are using it.
    - Reviewed issues #21841, #21842
    - Bug triaging task: not many new issues on trac.

This week:
    - Finishing off the remaining assigned issues for the current sponsor4
    - Figure out if the compression API can do what we want it to do:
      storagedir, directory connections, xxx
    - Discuss with Nick about doing additional measurements and compare it to
      the measurements we did in early March.
    - I'm off for some of Thursday and Friday (easter holidays in Denmark).

Catalyst is out this week.

pastly says:

    Not much that Tor would care about yet

    - got scheduler switching via function pointers and a torrc option working
    - removed more testing-only code
    - currently debugging an issue with the kist scheduler that is difficult
      to reproduce

    - plan is to add a new type of cell to signal lots of extra debugging

      on the circuit

  - this code will only ever be ran in Shadow

dgoulet says:
  - Worked on implementing mandatory ed25519 cert as link specifier for intro
    point in #20657 (prop224 service).
  - Wrote prop224 patch and code for #21871.
  - With #21871, finalize the introduction point legacy support for prop224 in
  - Implemented INTRODUCE replay cache support in #20657.
  - Reviewed #16861 this morning. All my comments are in the Gitlab.
  - Moved code out of #20657 massive development branch for early upstream
    inclusion. Every ticket about it have been put as child of #21888.
  - Fixed couple of 031 tickets as well.
  - This week will be resolving ticket in 031 and continue #20657 with service
    upload descriptor code and unit tests.

  - Most of my week last week was spent preparing for and meeting with Mozilla
  - This week I will look over the #16861 review.
  - Some time may be consumed by taxes :/

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