[tor-project] [Proposal] Social Contract

Griffin Boyce griffin at cryptolab.net
Mon Apr 10 21:18:42 UTC 2017

Alison wrote:
> Today is the last day of the social contract proposal period, and
> essentially the only feedback was "there is no need to vote on this". I
> didn't see anyone object to that. If no one chimes in by UTC 0000 
> (about
> 10.5 hours from now) to say that they definitely want to see this go
> through the normal voting resolution, I'm going to call off the vote 
> and
> consider it ratified according to our original consensus. Please note
> that it will still not show up in the repo of documents that we've
> ratified according to our new voting policy. It'll stay on the blog and
> on the community team wiki.

   I think that we should vote on this anyway.  To keep everything 
consistent, to make sure that people who didn't notice the above 
statement can have a say, and to avoid future drama from randos.


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