[tor-project] Notes from April 6 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Apr 10 07:33:24 UTC 2017

Notes for April 6 2017 meeting:

1) Network team continuing post-meeting: stuff's ok.
2) new tor- released; stable should be soon.
3) +1 on isabela's team meeting idea
4) + lots on doing _something_ to get more teamwise coordination. These
meetings aren't doing that.
5) Nick's kid on spring break week-after-next; Nick will be offline more
than usual

1) We made progress towards our transition to ESR52; there are first
nightly builds available for testing; the announcement went to tbb-dev:
2) There was quite some interest in Amsterdam to get micropayment tools
integrated into Tor Browser; we should have a position on that and a plan
3) Who is triaging user experience issues on trac (linda?) (the ux
team?) (nobody?)? <- currently it seems "nobody" is the answer but
Isabela is looking for a better solution

1) Resolving remaining issues of OnionPerf deployment.
2) Simulating improved directory-request statistics for user number
3) Wrote down objectives and key results (OKRs) for Q2/2017.

1) Heading to San Francisco for quick trip to meet with Mozilla.
2) Job description for grantwriter position was posted today.
3) Plans to talk with flexlibris next week about Global South stuff that
came up at the Tor meeting.
4) Working with Jon to finalize dates for Montreal meeting so we can
solicit input and start making plans.

1) ISC project is over - submitted final report to them and will work on
a blog post about our work at orfox - loop the team in it as well
2) Following up with SIDA, OTF proposals (that are in process)
3) working on march report for sponsor4 and build a spreadsheet for
sponsor4 progress track
4) trying to finish the user growth strategy update - want to send to
vegas leads for feedback first and then to internal
5) My goal right now is to get each team to build a roadmap and to think
of dependencies they have with other teams and by when they would need
those. Once we have that, my next step will be to figure out
dependencies between teams.
6) I am off on Friday April 14.

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