[tor-project] [Proposal] Social Contract

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Tue Apr 4 19:03:52 UTC 2017

> So, let's drop that re-ratifying idea of the same things altogether. It
> creates more problems than it solves and does not add more legitimacy to
> previous decisions.

Hi Georg. I strongly disagree but this is a discussion I've had a few
times so it's certainly a common concern. My reply the last few things
is this: please enumerate the things you believe have been ratified.

Thus far the social contract is the only example anyone has mentioned.
Please provide a full listing of the things you believe are ratified.
This discussion is moot without that.

> I think bundling different, unrelated things into one vote is not the
> right solution to concerns about too many votes.

Interesting. I thought this would be a simple uncontroversial fix.
When we vote in the US I get a ballot with multiple measures on it. I
don't get thirty separate ballots for each thing I'm voting on.

We presently have three things to be voted on (social contract
ratification, community council amendments, and community council
selection). Why do you want us to conduct three separate votes for

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