[tor-project] [Proposal] Social Contract

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Mon Apr 3 18:06:58 UTC 2017

Thanks Alison!

Quick correction: at the dev meeting a common point of feedback was
that folks dislike having too many votes so we plan to combine three
things into one vote...

* Ratification of the social contract.
* Amendments folks would like for the community council.
* Vote to select the next Community Council.

As per Tim's request we're waiting until tomorrow (the 4th) to ask for
council volunteers. Since the council selection process is longer (one
week call for volunteers, one week Q&A, two week vote) we actually
have more time to discuss the social contract before the actual vote.
That said, earlier we get feedback the better!

> When I last provided feedback to this, I received e-mail discouraging
> feedback.  Is it still the case that the people organized in drafting
> this aren't interested?

Certainly! Please Yawning, do provide feedback. Sorry about the
discouraging email - I don't have any context on that but you're
certainly encouraged to give feedback at this point.

Cheers! -Damian

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