[tor-project] Fwd: Tor as client for Final Year Project?

Shari Steele ssteele at torproject.org
Wed Sep 14 15:45:08 UTC 2016

Hey all.
Anyone interested in working with Louis?

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> From: "Woods, Louis" <k1308517 at kingston.ac.uk>
> Subject: Tor as client for Final Year Project?
> Date: September 13, 2016 at 1:53:27 PM PDT
> To: "execdir at torproject.org" <execdir at torproject.org>
> Dear Tor,
> I am a Computer Science student at Kingston University in London. I recently concluded my software development placement year in industry, and I am about to commence my final year at university.
> I have to undertake a Final Year Project, where I have to apply my programming skills to create an application or website. I already have an idea in mind, which I also believe would be beneficial to your organisation.
> My project is a web application which works in a similar way to the software TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt (an encryption software with plausible deniability). This can be used in countries with Human Rights Abuses, as the first password is just a dummy password which decrypts unimportant information. However there may be a second password hiding sensitive information, but nobody except the user knows this.
>  <>My project requires a client, which can be a person or corporation. It would help me enormously to have your well-known and respected organisation’s name on my dissertation report, as you have similar goals to my project’s focus. Essentially, I already have the idea and a plan, your input would be minimal, aside from a few discussions, feedback on features and usability, and of course written proof that you are a client so I can include this into my report.
> Depending on the success of my project you may be able to utilise it for your own purposes in the future.
> Regards,
> Louis Woods

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