[tor-project] Notes from September 8 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Sep 13 07:58:51 UTC 2016

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Notes for September 8 2016 meeting:

1) I want to promote "blind hiring" for my team's next opening,
whenever that is. Should I talk to Erin W about it?
2) Should/could I be on fewer MLs?
3) Any way to treat "everybody's attention" as a shared resource?
4) Coding continues.
5) Infrastructure for new folks.
6) Has anybody been reading through the replies on the "hey relay ops
how can we help" thread and compiling/responding?

1) Agenda emails: getting great feedback. Now how to incorporate this
into how we typically create the meeting agenda? People like the
morning brainstorm session. We could use this feedback to communicate
a broad overview of priorities, then use the first morning time to get
identify the specific work sessions that people want to do.
2) Public hack days: outreach and planning
2a) Outreach: Katie did a save the date. We need to think about
promotion to different groups. I've been in touch with some.
2b) Activities: high level/nontechnical short talks/tours about Tor,
list of tickets for newcomers to work on, cool stuff in recent Tor/TBB
releases, etc.
3) Metrics for relay operators: community team members are working
with the metrics team to help support relay operators. We got feedback
from the operators about what kinds of metrics might be valuable to
them, and the biggest response we got was that they want to see some
kind of recognition for their relay uptime/bandwidth. So we are
working out the details of what to measure, but the result will be
something like a weekly email to the community team with the relevant
metrics, then one member of the team will write to that relay operator
and congratulate them, organize sending them some swag, ask about how
things are going generally, etc.

1) Finished OTF proposal
2) Had kickoff meeting for Tor Browser for Android (Orfox) ISC project
3) Prep for internal launch of style guidelines
4) Prep for dev meeting
5) Organizing somethings for MOSS project to keep track of deliverables
6) Had my first meeting with OONI as part of a biweekly meeting I will
have with them to help PM their projects
7) Moved to OONI-DRL proposal now
8) pre-preping for Linda start
8a) (reading UX paper Geko asked me to, getting materials for
metrics.tpo.org and orfox tor button/security slide ux etc)

1) Senator Ron Wyden is pushing for a US Senate to consider bill to
stop the legalization of some FBI hacking
2) Blog posts aplenty

1) Still working on Copperhead. They are having issues with the
Android Open Source Project being disorganized while switching to the
latest release. I am working on getting updates to work smoothly-ish
through this transition.
2) Worked on the Netflow padding traffic analysis defense code. Have a
new branch ready for review.
3) Helped with the OTF proposal.
4) Talked with Mozilla (with Georg, Tom Ritter, Huseby, and Richard
Barnes) about what they need from us to help reduce the difference
between Tor Browser and Firefox.

1) We’re gearing up for the Tor meeting in a couple of weeks. Anyone
have any outstanding issues or questions?
2) I’ve told Pepe from IFF that the next Tor meeting won’t be in
Valencia. IFF is 3/6-10. Does anyone from Tor want to go? Would anyone
like to be on the IFF organizing committee?
3) Riseup's in trouble. I'm going to follow up with Micah to see if
Tor can help.
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