[tor-project] Notes from September 1 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Sep 5 12:44:33 UTC 2016

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Notes for September 1 2016 meeting:

1) The GSoC project Fingerprint Central (https://fpcentral.irisa.fr/)
("our" Panopticlick tool) is done and the question is what to do with
the custom statistics. Current idea is to limit access to the 10 most
popular values by unauthorized users and 200 by authorized ones.
2) I helped with the OTF proposal a bit and with getting the ISC work
(porting the Security Slider to Android) going
3) Who can help me understand what's up with the tbb-build machine?
Maybe we are still paying for it and it is not reachable for us?

1) Exciting to see people tweet that they are starting new Tor relays
2) New bridge authority uptake is increasing:
3) Tor traffic questions: Tor metrics are not yet reflecting new
Bifroest bridge authority, but will soon :)
4) Upcoming posts: Isis (about the new bridge authority),  a Q and A
with an exit relay operator, new Tor Messenger beta release, GSoC student
5) We are building relationships with a wider demographic range of
software devs and anti-surveillance activists--they are following us
now on Twitter for the first time and encouraging others to also.
6) Diversity = bigger array of skills, access to new networks of
people, and greater resilience to attack (more groups of people have
our back). We're less easy to pigeonhole, too (already true if you
know us well).

1) Meeting planning progress: agenda engagement is going REALLY well!
2) Public hack day promotion: positive messaging
3) Metrics for relay operators: collecting ideas here
https://pad.riseup.net/p/metricsneeds, then working with metrics and
community teams to use Onionoo data to better support relay operators.
Thinking of other ways we can support our relay community...
4) Community docs progress: working a lot on membership docs, getting
some good feedback. I'd like to get these finished at the Tor meeting,
ideally. I need other people to review them with me.
5) Support desk progress: phoul is setting up support.torproject.org
and we hope to be able to share soon. also working on updating old RT
tickets to use in the FAQ, building the glossary.
6) Rapid response project: the community team is just getting started
on Isa's idea here
7) Organizing Tor event at Aaron Swartz Day -- still need more Bay
Area people to join us!

1) I coded this week! So did my team.
1b) Infrastructure diversions happen while coding; these are  valuable.
2) Trying to advance project security policies w Georg, anyone else
who can help. No time.
3) Team headcount: how do I know if I can hire?
4) Grants process: we should figure out how to improve.

1) We were approved for $250k from MDF for general operating support!  :)
2) Lots of grant proposals these past couple of weeks. Thanks to
everyone for all of their hard work. OTF goes in today. I'm currently
working on the budget.
3) Lots of meeting planning.
4) What do folks think about Amsterdam/Utrecht for next Tor meeting in
5) Job posting for chief grants/finance officer went up. We've got a
couple of promising applicants. What should the process be?
6) Linda Lee accepted the UX lead job and starts on 9/21.

1) organizing the kick off of the ISC tor browser mobile project
2) working on proposal for otf
3) organizing the internal launch of style guidelines
4) trying to prep for dev meeting

1) Got the Copperhead+Tor prototype build scripts working:
https://github.com/mikeperry-tor/mission-improbable/. I'm using it
now, but I have a couple more things to improve and then it should be
ready for a much wider announcement as part of Tor Labs. I think it is
time to start soliciting Tor Labs posts from tor-internal perhaps?
2) Working on the otf proposal

1) Spent a fair amount of time on the Tonga/Bifroest migration,
including updating metrics-related code to handle two concurrent
bridge authorities.
2) Evaluated sanitized web server logs together with Georg to learn
about Tor Browser downloads (~8M/quarter) and update pings (indicating
900k concurrent users).
3) Discussed the ExoneraTor database design with Sebastian who pretty
much took over the testing; preliminary results are very promising.
4) Finally released metrics-lib/DescripTor 1.4.0.
5) Starting to prepare for the Berlin meetup next weekend.
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