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Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net
Fri Oct 28 16:18:19 UTC 2016

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From: Nathan of Guardian <nathan at guardianproject.info>
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Subject: [guardian-dev] Orbot 15.2.0 RC 1 is out!
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 09:13:11 -0700

A culmination of work done since March, has resulted in a
stable-enough-for-jazz RC 1 release of Orbot v15.2. This is the first RC
using our new Gradle-based project, which we hope to even further refine
into various useful modules.

We've also redesigned the user interface to be even simpler for new
users, yet still have all the exciting options for the old timers. Along
with this, we are now shipping on ARM only, SDK16+ release, reducing the
app download size to 7MB. We will be released x86 and MIPS builds
shortly, as well. We are considering our strategy for supporting older
devices, in particular Android 2.3, or at least 4.0/SDK-14, and up

The build has been pushed to Google Play, and is available as an APK for
direct download. We will update our F-Droid repository shortly, as

APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-v15.2.0-RC-1-arm.apk

CHANGELOG: https://gitweb.torproject.org/orbot.git/tree/CHANGELOG

/** 15.2.0 RC 1 / 28 October 2016/ 
9077bd236df388cd14727252d0be676d39b841e5 **/

9077bd2 update to 15.2.0-RC-1 and SDK min of 16
085ddb3 make ndk-build work again
290059d fix string path in build script
dec3d95 add proguard rules to optimize orbot binary
160383b update for gradle

/** 15.2.0 BETA 2 / 24 October 2016/
12b1198b4b5a4420b16b9ab166828bba787c17aa **/

345aea9 move the controls to the left sidebar; improve VPN mode more
c76d935 improve bridge dialog display
ac037a9 fix browser install request
28f1dbf make the VPN/apps mode have a better UI flow
c1ffdbb put browser button back in
518f70d comment out notification actions for now
0bb8e84 update Tor version to
2125db1 make start and stop of Tor service all hanlded through executor
d8648a5 remove meek-google as an option
2676cd3 update resource to make smaller
3ee6b2a don't fail on lint for release builds
e3d7ca2 update tor

/** 15.2.0 BETA 1 / 13 October 2016/
abaa3f83fc64b9b567a5d437d26db0f660655f35 **/

cd8b549 add the compiled tun2socks lib for devs who just want to work on
3c181bc add the proguard rules
9948975 we aren't going to show a notification light
50f33c9 make sure we set VPN mode properly before we launch the service
9de4f54 using compat builder for notifications
3308602 improve the code for launching the pdnsd daemon
da0fb10 multiple fixes to re-enable VPN mode and pdnsd daemon
ca238c6 continued re-integration of VPN feature
1614921 clean pdnsd binaries from libs in Makefile
1db5676 continue to migrate service and VPN code
d5f2c06 remove vpn code that is now in the service module
34c7cfd modify jni build inclusion
268002b fix build scripts for new paths
6333a45 update gitignore to handle orbotservice binary libs
d2cf545 move jni code and VPN logic from app module to service
9f61afc improve tor service event handling and display
ebc046e remove littleproxy reference (for now!)
7c3a16f we don't need a separate service for the VPN
7950cac remove dated information in the BUILD file
9afbb00 update gradle props and ignore files we don't want in repo
7284a5e make sure Tor start/stop work - use Process instance instead of
processID lookup - reply on Tor's HALT command
55e08b9 tweak homescreen layout and strings
d56fdb2 renable polipo
90d77ce modify imports
1ffea58 udpate resource paths
bab7904 target API 14
aba7f8e update gitignores for gradle
912cb74 update tor to
5a4e00a fix paths for new module layout
ecf9023 remove old binaries
10f1ade update makefile and add new patch
b52023a move assets to service project
549399b launch default activity from notification
6d0fdbb update gitignore for gradle project
56683a3 add pdnsd library in for vpn service DNS!
29fd07a remove patches from here, moved to external
0f00e12 move patches to external since that is what it is applied to
(external code)
54b3349 remove redundant code from old ant build format (not in gradle
18682e4 big check-in of major gradle refactor; now building and running!
VPN features are disabled for now
bdb5893 update translations
4023354 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
6e45c07 Merge pull request #32 from ghost/patch-1
21c5bcc Remove typo
5adcbec Start the meek transport for custom meek bridges

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