[tor-project] Notes from October 20 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Wed Oct 26 07:48:16 UTC 2016

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Notes for October 20 2016 meeting:

1) Support desk stopgap measures: what we're doing before
support.torproject.org goes live
2) nothing else to report, unless you want to hear from the Cool and
Exciting world of Library Freedom Project, where things are going
really well :)

1) 030 is forked.
2) 029 needs more testing, but we have no binaries. :(
 * GeKo says he's figured out the bug on ln5's nightlies system, and
will try to get nightlies back tomorrow. Woo!
3) While Documenting stuff, I've been noticing how many old things we
still have in rephist.c and geoip.c and elsewhere.  Metrics folks: any
time to review what we collect there and make sure it's all actually
useful?  [Already talked with Karsten and Iwakeh here; no need to
discuss at meeting.]

1) Planning out next 6 months of communications.
2) Working with OONI on ooniprobe 2.0.0 announcement to solicit media
coverage :)
3) Organizing 200 pages of press clips for DRL report
4) Working on various ongoing media stories. Waiting to hear back on
Wendy's opinion piece on Rule 41.

1) Talked with CloudFlare a bit on tor-access. They said they will be
rolling out the WAF thing to paid sites, and their systems will be
ready for the blind token extension this quarter (they meant by end of
year, I think).

1) Released ooniprobe 2.0.0 (yay!). Still need to publish
announcement, but waiting for debian and osx packages to be done.
2) Gotten more or less green light from Ford to have them cover the
costs of the hackathon.
3) Many interesting and useful conversations at OTF summit.

1) A contract was sent to Tom (dev that will work on Orfox FE) - Linda
is leading the copy for the UI and our deadline is to have a final
copy by EOM
2) Working on DRL quarterly report
3) Sent call for help on testing core tor releases - got some
responses in tor-dev list and some off the list - need to follow up
with them now that the release is out
4) Lots going on at the OTF summit
5) lots of things to catch up because of OTF summit

1) We're on track with enabling CollecTor instances to synchronize
data from each other, which is our most important October milestone.

1) We hired new finance and grants manager, Brad Parker. He starts on
November 14.
2) Working on end-of-year campaign stuff.
3) Meeting with lots of people this week at OTF Summit.
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