[tor-project] What folks say about Tor

Kate ailanthus at riseup.net
Tue Oct 25 20:21:00 UTC 2016

Shari Steele:
> Hey all.
> I just found the slide deck for most of Roger’s quotes on the ACLU’s website.  Still looking for additional quotes, though!
> Shari
>> On Oct 25, 2016, at 12:39 PM, Shari Steele <ssteele at torproject.org> wrote:
>> Hey all.
>> I’m collecting quotes of complimentary things our adversaries have said about Tor for possible inclusion on a t-shirt, and I would really appreciate your help.  Roger got me started with a bunch of quotes below, but most of them are missing attribution.  So if any of you have additional quotes and/or can add attribution to Roger’s quotes below, I would be extremely grateful.  Thanks in advance for your help with this!
>> Shari
>>> Here are some:
>>> - "Still the King of high secure, low latency Internet Anonymity" "There
>>> are no contenders for the throne in waiting" -- from an NSA or GCHQ
>>> slide deck in 2011
>>> - "Tor Project staffed with smart people!" from the same slide deck
>>> - "Tor is very good -- No passive exploitation :-(" from the same slide
>>> deck
>>> - "TorButton: A Thorn in the side of SIGINT" from the same slide deck
>>> - "Catastrophic: near-total loss/lack of insight to target communications,
>>> presence" refering to impact of Tor, TrueCrypt, and Tails.
>>> - "Very naughty people use Tor" -- GCHQ, in a summary slide from a slide
>>> deck analyzing hidden service security (also "Near impossible to figure
>>> out who is talking to who").
>>> There are a few more that I should hunt down, like a good quote about
>>> Tails, and something complimentary of Mike in particular. But maybe
>>> those will be a good start?

Here's one; might be a bit long (or require its own t-shirt):

"We need Tor so that journalists and other troublemakers can hold
authorities to task. None of us should be afraid anyhow, but Tor makes
it easier not to be."

—Andy Bichlbaum, the Yes Men

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