[tor-project] Notes from October 17th Community Team Meeting

Yidhra Kthanid nycatelo at autistici.org
Wed Oct 19 21:46:24 UTC 2016

Notes are at https://storm.torproject.org/grain/Xyq4zgG9PZop5SxaG8yPoj

# Glossary
    * Work has been done on glossary in the last few weeks
    * Almost done, needs reviewing
    * Should try to make less jargony and easier to understand
# Support desk stopgap efforts
    * support.torproject.org is in the works, RT help desk being
    * Help desk getting too many requests, but now all users emails
    execdir@ for help
    * Support messages being forwarded to a mailing list staffed by
    Phoul + flexlibris
    * Only meant to be a temporary stopgap
    * No current timeline on the portal

# Tor browser manual progress
    * Manual has been edited
    * Ready apart from a few screenshots that have to be retaken
    * Next steps are publishing blog post and opening up translations

# What we need help with
    * Support portal templates (some out of date, some unfriendly,
    and some not covered)!

# T-Shirt update
    * Jon has processes in place and want to see if he can keep up on
    his own - doesn't want help    
    * Don't want to start sending emails about tshirts while not being
    able to keep up with backlog
    * Not 100% on size of backlog - maybe hundreds?
    * Emails operators to say that we're working on backlog and thinking
    of other stuff
    * Possibility of automating (enter fingerprint to check eligibility)
    * Automatically sending emails to eligible operators.
    * Possibility of editing the Tor Weather code to do this
    * Handing out tshirts at 33C3/other cons to people who don't wish to
    give address - ask arma2

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