[tor-project] Notes from October 13 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Oct 17 12:48:03 UTC 2016

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Notes for October 13 2016 meeting:

1) Worked on the upcoming proposal for OTF
2) SponsorU items
3) Whom do we plan to have on stage for a possible 33c3 talk?
4) Helped a bit with the meeting with the frontend dev for the
security slider port to Orfox

1) Very soon, 0.2.9 will be in testing. We will need it tested!
Isabela will send out requests and appeals. Please help!
2) Not much else to report.

1) Following up on multiple articles in progress about Tor (good news
2) Following up on Seattle meeting action items
3) Holiday plan for teaching family and other totally nontechnical
people about Tor (Each one teach five).
4) Sent Q and A to reporter who is covering trump and uses SecureDrop.
5) Tweaking Wendy's privacy op-ed.
6) Met with reporter and all he wanted to talk about was fixing Tor
Messenger bug b/c he loves Tor Messenger.

1) The blog is being converted. Performing complicated comment
merge+extraction will cost more $$. Do we really need those comments?
(We probably should have reverted to the dump where they still existed
if so, so I guess not?)
2) Android is still a mess. The CopperHead folks are upset about
Android 7.1 and the semi-discontinuation of the current devices. This
may delay things, but they think if we launch Tor Labs soon, it will
be OK. I told them I am shooting for end-of-month.

1) Posted OONI UX designer job on the Tor website and open source
https://github.com/opensourcedesign/jobs/pull/112). Please share and
spread as much as you can.
2) Resolved some of the last critical bugs for the 2.0.0 release, so
that is likely to be released very soon now.
3) We would like to have a OONI internal meeting mid November + 2 days
of Open Hack day. This would allow us to meet the new developer in
person and do some better coordination.
4) We published a long report on internet controls in Zambia during
the elections:
5) The 2.0.0 release of ooniprobe will have enabled by default a tor
deck, that will check to see if the meek domain fronts are working and
if plain tor is able to bootstrap properly.
6) Working on a report on internet censorship in Ethiopia.

1) had a call with Maria to begin preliminary work on future
partnerships with OONI and the Community Team (for Rapid Response,
Outreach, etc)
2) support portal: still chugging along, will talk to Shari today
about getting the resources we need to make this happen
3) membership guidelines: waiting on Lunar's final notes and then will
send the doc to tor-internal@ to approve
4) been noticing/hearing from users about our woefully out-of-date and
misleading documentation. we should have a sprint to fix these. will
the website redesign help? should this happen before that?
5) where do we stand on the general contact email?

1) We're very close to merging and deploying data synchronization
between CollecTor instances.  Finally!
2) Planning to ask devs to help with writing and testing CollecTor and
later Onionoo operation guides, though not before end of next week:
3) We realized that metrics-lib builds are reproducible, and we're
considering to publish a guide for reproducing them, to have multiple
people building and signing releases, and to publish this as Good Tor
News later this year or in 2017.

1) Follow up with Adam on OTF reports and NCE
2) Follow up with OTF proposal v4 / deadline friday
3) Plan on sending out today a call asking help on testing core tor
releases / goal is to have a QA team that can help us with that on
every release / 0.2.9 will be a pilot
4) Met Thomas the dev who will do the orfox front end gig with us / we
will send him the contract asap and he should get started pretty soon
5) Great progress on security slider user experience on orfox / which
can be used on tor browser desktop as well / Linda is driving this
6) Preparing for Chile
7) Starting to collect stuff for Q3 report to sponsorS
8) all week next week at OTF summit

1) CCC tickets: connect people who need them with people who have
tokens. I've done some of this connecting, and I'll do more soon.
People should let me know if they still need a ticket / if they have
an extra voucher.
2) NSF posters + slides: for the January NSF PI meeting, we need one
summary slide per NSF project, and we have five of them. Also an
optional poster. I'll be commandeering Tor people to help with those
in the coming week.
3) Rachel's NSF proposal: her sociology Tor+Wikipedia paper got
accepted, and now they plus Mako are writing an NSF proposal to
explore the
topic further. I'm going to write them a letter of support on behalf
of Tor, but not be a co-proposer, because conflict.
4) Next dev meeting: Mar 12-16 is during swsx so it's a poor choice.
Next option we're looking at is Mar 23--27. Let us know if there's a
5) Speaker's bureau: I filed a ticket:
https://bugs.torproject.org/20305 but there is no movement yet.
6) I'm talking to some professors about a new NSF proposal to fund a
research testbed Tor network, which could build from the testing Tor
network that dgoulet et al are operating. The proposal timing is not
good but maybe we'll try something anyway. I have Cass in the loop.

1) trying to catch up after a week's vacation. :(
2) on the verge of hiring a chief financial and grants officer
3) working on getting end-of-year campaign ready
4) revising budget for otf proposal
5) finishing up with 990
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