[tor-project] Notes from October 6 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Oct 10 07:25:40 UTC 2016

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Notes for October 6 2016 meeting:

1) We added Arturo to the Vegas team! Now we will have more chances to
get OONI better integrated into the rest of the Tor work. I am
especially excited to get them thinking more about Tor blocking, and
about tools to more efficiently figure out *how* Tor is blocked in a
given place.
2) I heard Shari suggest "Amsterdam, March" for our next dev meeting.
So I sent that mail out to the tor-meetings list. March 12-16, with
optional hackdays after that, looks promising. How to proceed?
3) Any news on our blog rewrite contract?
4) Did you know we submitted a proposal to the DRL-metrics
call-for-proposals? I only learned it accidentally. Is there some more
consistent mechanism we should use for letting people know about such
things? Maybe this particular one will get better now that Arturo is here.
5) Similarly, did you know we picked a services administrator? I only
learned it accidentally last week. I bet many people still don't know.
6) We should set up a "speakers bureau" to coordinate around all the
talks we do and are invited to do. Who should run it? Dgoulet has offered.

1) Nothing needed from other teams this week.
2) I'm getting out of the way as everybody does grantwriting/fundraising.
  2a) But folks keep asking questions that I don't know answers to.
Grants are confusing.
3) Talking to reporter about prop224, at Kate's request.
4) A short list of things I'm aware of that nobody's taken charge of
so far as I know:
  4a) Setting up GPG reencryptor for tor-security list.
  4b) Setting up a securedrop instance
  4c) Getting the board mailing lists the way the board wants them.
  4d) Collecting the onboarding stuff we did with the last N people we
onboarded in a way that we can onboard the next N more easily.

1) Working with Yawning on Q and A blog post about his Firefox sandbox
2) Working with Wendy on op-ed about Rule 41 (also: There is growing
interest and support for shutting down the changes to Rule 41 but
basically no time or chance to do so in Congress before December 1.
However, this thing can be shut down at any time in the next
legislative session, so the work in sharing info about Rule 41,
getting people to call Congress and spread the word to their friends
and family is still very useful.)
3) Met with EFF and Mozilla policy folk as well as SF-based reporters
4) Following up with Chilean and Indian policy advocates as well as
others (there is interest in an International Privacy Day as a way of
reaching out to people who don't know much about privacy issues)
5) Congrats to everyone on making the Seattle meeting a success! We
were all trying hard and together, we did it. I learned a lot at the
meeting that I'll be using in our communications work (for instance, I
got to talk to Yawning). I'll have more follow up from the Seattle
meeting next week.
6) I don't need anything from the group at present.
7) Welcome, Arturo!

1) Started to look at the Cloudflare proposal on tor-access list
2) Worked on the OTF proposal
3) Tied down remaining Tor Browser SponsorU items

1) First time attending the Vegas team meeting. Looking forward to
seeing how we can better support the work of the rest of Tor and being
better integrated into the Tor ecosystem.
2) OONI has submitted a talk to CCC.
3) Working towards releasing 2.0.0 (with our new web UI)
4) Will try to push out this week a job posting for a UI/designer position
  4a) Should reach out to Mike and Linda for feedback and suggestions
on how to handle this hiring process
  4b) Will interact with Scout and SimplySecure on how to ensure it
reaches the maximum amount of people and for help during the hiring
5) This month we are switching over to the OTF grant (from the MDF grant)
6) Will publish this week or beginning of next week a report on
internet controls in Zambia

1) working on reports to OTF - reports on deliverables we are
invoicing them / august report that I am late on core tor part /
September report that I am also late with core tor part
2) isc contract started on september - amogh will do the backend part
but we are missing someone to do the frontend part. I think I found
the person, is a firefox addon developer from NL - will set up an irc
chat with Geko and Nathan and him.
  2.1) Nathan actually helped me find this person. this is a 25hrs
$100/hr contract.
  2.2) posted wireframes of the experience for review (reviewer: Linda)
3) many follow ups from Seattle Tor Meeting:
  3.1) follow up on tor browser roadmap
  3.2) follow up on network team discussion
  3.3) follow up on visual style guide discussion
4) working with Giant Rabbit to make sure we unblock them -- mostly
getting info for admins to set up vms for them
5) working with Linda on her goals for the month - had a 1:1 with her
on skype about it and also answered many questions she listed while
ramping up
6) trying to figure out how to cut 200k from our otf proposal :(
7) events - i will be attending an event in Chile.
8) NCE for OTF sponsorU work (extend till end of nov)
9) service admin intern will start on nov 1st (silvia)

1) Don't need anything from other teams this week.
2) I'm mostly afk this week as i finish moving and take a few days
off. I'll be back to following up on meeting stuff next week.

1) Writing code, nothing to see here.
Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org


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