[tor-project] identifying fellow travelers

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Wed Nov 30 19:15:21 UTC 2016

Roger Dingledine <arma at mit.edu> writes:

> I think we're heavy on the "geek-oriented" projects in the current
> list, and lighter on the popular / society oriented projects. I'm
> thinking in particular things like Tactical Tech's security-in-a-box,
> or Facebook's onion site, or The Intercept's use of Onionshare, or the
> Wildleaks instance of Globaleaks.

This year, Foolscap, magic-wormhole and Tahoe-LAFS all added Tor

Although they probably still count as "geek-oriented", at least
Tahoe-LAFS is aiming to serve more-general users (even a non-Web GUI in
the works ;). I am bothering the appropriate people and will hopefully
get you some blurbs.

Also possibly relevant: Tahoe-LAFS (now) has integration tests that use
Chutney to set up a local test-grid to confirm operation of the Tor
stuff (again: geek-oriented, but pretty cool for developers who are
using Tor and want to test things).


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