[tor-project] identifying fellow travelers

Mike Tigas mike at tig.as
Wed Nov 30 19:10:36 UTC 2016

>> On 30 Nov. 2016, at 07:18, Roger Dingledine <arma at mit.edu> wrote:
>> I think we're heavy on the "geek-oriented" projects in the current list,
>> and lighter on the popular / society oriented projects. I'm thinking in
>> particular things like Tactical Tech's security-in-a-box, or Facebook's
>> onion site, or The Intercept's use of Onionshare, or the Wildleaks
>> instance of Globaleaks.
> ProPublica's onion site is also great for users who want to access news
> without being blocked or redirected.

This afternoon we just published a fresh "how to safely get in touch
with us" guide (that'll eventually replace our old SecureDrop
instruction page) that plugs our SecureDrop and briefly mentions our
onion site:
or alternatively:

(I'm hoping to *eventually* improve the visibility of our onion site,
too; we link to our SecureDrop info from our site footer, but don't
mention our onion site in too many places.)

Anyway, hope this is useful as a "non geek-oriented" public usecase for
what y'all are collecting.

Mike Tigas
News Applications Developer, ProPublica
@mtigas | https://mike.tig.as/ | 0xA993E7156E0E9923

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