[tor-project] Belated thanks to George and David

Allen Gunn gunner at aspirationtech.org
Wed Nov 30 01:00:04 UTC 2016

Hello all,

With both general gratitude and a spirit of shouting out folks who do
great ambassador work for Tor, I wanted to thank George R and David F
for contributing so much about two weeks back at our Nonprofit Software
Development Summit.

George explained Tor architecture to a bunch of participants who say
they are now inspired to run relays and set up onion sites, and also had
a number of how-to side conversations.

David explained pluggable transports and a number of other Tor features
during our demo fest and contributed richly to other sessions.

We are grateful to have this type of super-valuable sharing take place
at the Dev Summit, and I just wanted to state that publicly.

Thanks you two, you both rock.



Allen Gunn
Executive Director, Aspiration

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