[tor-project] Notes from November 17 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Nov 21 12:42:54 UTC 2016

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Notes for November 17 2016 meeting:

1) We know of zero Tor talks that were accepted for 33C3. The Tor
Browser one got rejected, the OONI one got rejected, and ahf's erlang
one got rejected. While I admit that there's a little part of me that
says "well ok, let's take our ball and go home", I think we need to be
well connected to Europe now more than ever.
2) Any new news on the blog migration?
3) New network team job offer! Plus they're gearing up to find a
second person.
4) I increasingly think we need a network team engineer who focuses on
the censorship side of things. We have a growing number of countries
where Tor is being blocked in new and surprising ways -- Kazakhstan,
Egypt, Turkey, etc -- and there is nobody on the Tor side who is
investigating them or working to fix them or even keeping up-to-date
on what's happening. I get that there's value in having another more
generic network team developer too, so I don't want to stomp in and
declare this as a priority over that though.
5) I have a vague memory of suggesting an in-person Vegas team meeting
sometime. Should we move that forward?
6) Should we start calling for volunteers to attend the Valencia festival?

1) We got our releases with the donation banner out (although this
time it is was a way bigger PITA than usual). From Nov 23 on our users
will see it (assuming everything works the way we think our code works)
2) SponsorU progress

1) OONI hackathon in Berlin went great!
2) Discussed with metrics team about integrating some OONI data into
tor metrics.

1) Hacking all day; team is covering well I think.
2) needs testing

1) Answering press queries, etc.
2) Edited Tor phone prototype blog post and contacted reporters; Wired
is interested.

1) Kevin has finished about half of the deliverables on the blog
contract. He is also working on a document for Hiro for how to admin
and update it and Tor Labs. We should put him in contact with her.

1) Working on final crunch to start end-of-year campaign on November 22.
2) Writing letters to former donors/supporters and blog post for campaign.
3) Getting new CFGO up-to-speed.
4) Working on budget for 2017. Let me know if there are things I might
not know to include.

1) finished reports
2) linda is working with the metrics team on the redesign/update of
user experience - i am helping reviewing stuff
3) trying to get the global south effort organized, ilv is helping and
sukhe shared interest in doing something -  i need to get many
different people who are coming to me with some way to help on it
connected so we can better coordinate efforts
4) catching up on a lot of things i have on my list like network team
wiki page update, following up with sida and maybe changing our
strategy here a little and decouple the website deliverable so we can
get this money fast and do this work in 2017 (aiaiai) and following up
on some PETS work with Roger.

1) Making pretty good progress on UX project to redesign the Tor
Metrics website.
2) Moving forward with JavaScript on Tor Metrics website discussion.

1) Most of my time right now is being spent working on scaling
outreach given the huge surge in demand.

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