[tor-project] Report on meeting with university of Chile on hosting Tor relays

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Nov 8 21:41:46 UTC 2016


    During Tor Meeting in Seattle (2016) we had a session to discuss
about building a stronger presence in the global south. One of the
things that came out of the session was to build partnership with
universities in the global south, starting in Latin America, to seek the
opportunity to have them hosting Tor relays.

University of Chile meeting:

    Isabela and ilv met with Salvador Millaleo, the coordinator of
'Centro de Estudos de Derecho Informático' -- Center of Studies of
Computer Law -- or something close to it :) they exist for a long time
and one of the people working there too is the founder of Derechos
Digitales. We explained why Tor would like to have more servers in the
south, how that was important for the network to have geolocation
diversity and also how that could be something interesting for them.

    We said that beyond helping with our mission, which has to do with
their mission as well (freedom of expression and privacy online) it
could be a great opportunity for them as a study center in the
university for research.

    They were very excited about it and said they were going to reach
out to the CS department to build a partnership with them on hosting a
tor relay. I mentioned that for the CS department that could also be a
very good opportunity for the students to learn more about security and
privacy online and to do research. We mentioned PETS as it seems one
professor from there (Alejandro Hevia) have been part of PETS committee
to review papers.

Next steps:

    We will follow up with Salvador and try to establish a contact with
someone at the CS school there as well to see if we can get them excited
about hosting a relay.

    We also plan on document the discussion we had at the last Tor
Meeting inside the community team wiki (finally) so we can carry on this
work in a more organized way :) and in coordination with the community team.

    Reach out to other universities in Latin America.

    Work with Derechos Digitales to see if we can initiate a campaign
for tor relays in the region -- which will be a big help with this

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