[tor-project] Tor Hackfest during HOPE?

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Mon May 30 14:34:45 UTC 2016

Kate <ailanthus at riseup.net> writes:

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> Hi,
> David Huerta is founder of NYC's hackerspace Resistor and has a very
> cool day job helping to envision the future of libraries (first locally
> and then nationally), at the Brooklyn Public Library. He wants to host a
> Tor hackfest during HOPE.
> Cheers,
> Kate

Hey Kate,

on one hand this seems like a great idea, on the other hand I'm not sure how
realistic it is to organize a proper Tor hackfest after HOPE (I'm assuming we
won't do it *during* HOPE).

I guess this depends on what 'hackfest' means in this context.

Doing a hackfest like the ones we did in Montreal/Arlington would be pretty
much impossible in a public "everyone is welcome" setting. Those focused
hackfests require people who are already familiar with the code and design (and
I mean *really* familiar) if we are hoping any results to come out of
them. Otherwise, we will spend all our hackfest time explaining the design and
code to randoms (been there done that).

Something more plausible is to do a "A few Tor developers will be around NYC
Resistor on the Xth of July. Come hang around and hack with them if you'd like"
type of event. This requires minimum planning (always a plus; especially after
three days at a conference) and it could also be a one-day event (NYC is
blazing hot and expensive during July).

FWIW, we've done similar events in the past (e.g. at Noisebridge) and the
attendance/momentum was quite low. But it might be different in NYC after a big
conference like HOPE.

Anyway, this might be worth discussing with the other Tor people that will be
around as well (special, mrphs, etc.). If more people are interested in
participating, we could move forward here.

My personal constraints are:
   - NYC is super expensive and hot in July.
   - I'm planning to be out of NYC on the 27th of July.
     (Also IIUC, David has to be in DC right after HOPE, so he can't lurk too long) 
   - I have no time to organize an actual serious hackfest for July.

Cheers and thanks for the suggestion!

PS: In the end of the day, if this does not work for us, it's just an
    invitation to a hackerspace so it's not that shameful to turn it down.

> Hello,
> re: latest blog post:
> https://blog.torproject.org/blog/mission-montreal-building-next-generation-onion-services.
> Would there be any interest in a Tor Hackfest in NYC? I can bounce the
> idea off the other NYC Resistor (http://www.nycresistor.com/) kin to see
> if we can schedule a day or two for late July; Same week as HOPE? We can
> host groups < 25 people, pro bono.
> Let me know if there's any interest,
> .dh
> huertanix at nycresistor.com
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