[tor-project] Tor Hackfest during HOPE?

David Goulet dgoulet at torproject.org
Mon May 30 13:22:50 UTC 2016

On 29 May (21:43:19), Kate wrote:
> Hi,
> David Huerta is founder of NYC's hackerspace Resistor and has a very
> cool day job helping to envision the future of libraries (first locally
> and then nationally), at the Brooklyn Public Library. He wants to host a
> Tor hackfest during HOPE.

Sounds interesting! I'm just a bit confused. Why would it be _during_
HOPE?... I mean, People might want to go to the conference and not to a
hackfest while in NY _for_ HOPE. I sure know I do. :)

Maybe he meant before or after? Does he/we know what "hackfest" is in
this case? Does this person has in mind some specific area of Tor that
could benefit from a public hackfest or is it something we want to
figure out and he is just offering space basically?


> Cheers,
> Kate
> Hello,
> re: latest blog post:
> https://blog.torproject.org/blog/mission-montreal-building-next-generation-onion-services.
> Would there be any interest in a Tor Hackfest in NYC? I can bounce the
> idea off the other NYC Resistor (http://www.nycresistor.com/) kin to see
> if we can schedule a day or two for late July; Same week as HOPE? We can
> host groups < 25 people, pro bono.
> Let me know if there's any interest,
> .dh
> huertanix at nycresistor.com
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