[tor-project] Notes from May 26 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon May 30 09:23:21 UTC 2016

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Notes for May 26 2016 meeting:

1) Tor Browser 6.0 is ready for QA. Planned release day is May 30.
2) I worked on our search engine problem. Disconnect switched the
fallback to DuckDuckGo.
3) I reviewed 2 papers

1) Tor is almost out. Which TorBrowser will get it?
2) Talked with some folks and Isabela about doing an audit on the Tor
code.  (Roger set this up; I think an existing funder would be
paying?) Seems promising so far.
3) Had meeting with Isabela and team. Productive but team feels
stretched. IMO we need:
 * A sense that everybody is doing their fair share
 * Nearly all people to be contractually 'allowed' to work on nearly
all things.
 * To track non-coding tasks as well a coding tasks when planning time
and allocating people
 * A better sense of how much volunteers would like to commit, and a
way for us to be able to ask the paid people before the volunteers.
We have planned to:
 * Get a working code review system
 * Add review-points to trac
 * chop 0.2.9 and future releases down to size
 * improve our workflow.
 * have another meeting in july

1) Rule 41 update
 —Need to stay with bipartisan talking point:  DOJ is trying to get a
major policy change enacted with a rule change in the Federal Rules of
Criminal Procedure--DOJ is trying to circumvent Congress. Rep. Poe's
office is introducing co-sponsors in two's-- one democrat for each
republican. It's going well.
2) CloudFlare update: More allies are joining us; we are planning to
track CloudFlare's promises and hold them accountable, probably via an
email list.
3) A-Clinic Collaboration - probably not a formal collaboration with
this foundation that wants to use onion services to do anonymous
health surveys, etc. A letter describing our involvement is still
being negotiated.
4) Recruited volunteers to help with HTML tagging so we can upload
more things to the Tor website.
5) Press Kit: Volunteer David Stanton is working on user stories
document and I am finishing onion services doc as well as document
that describes myths about Tor and explains the realities.
6) US Mission in Uganda held an Internet freedom and human rights
Twitter event - we participated (5/26)
We received some media coverage about the onion services hackfest,
including a nice SlashDot piece
 - BoingBoing:
 - The
 - Softpedia:
 - IBTimes:
 - Hackread:
 - Slashdot:
 - Naked Security:
FBI is being pressured  by the judge to release Tor 0-day in
Washington State case

1) board meeting on Friday; anything you want me to bring up?
2) Monday is a holiday in the U.S. How to handle holidays?
3) Personnel update.

1) Organized retrospective meeting with the network team for the team
to have a sense of how things are going and where are the pain points
we need to improve. Went pretty good for my first irc retrospective :)
2) Working with Alison on updating the SIDA proposal.
3) Working on possible Mozilla grant - at first with TBB and Nathan
because we were thinking of applying for mobile browser - now with
Karsten because we probably will apply for metrics instead per
Mozilla's feedback.
4) focus on making the release 0.2.9 smaller / pick up DRL work (M&E
and F-indicators and extension) are the things for me starting next week

1) I'm wrapping up the last thing before I take a vacation: I'm going
to help with the Mozilla proposal(s), and then start my vacation,
ideally on June 1st.

1) Continued writing a funding proposal for metrics work, together
with Isabela and Cass who have been extremely helpful so far.
Deadline is May 31st.
2) Just talked to weasel about the virtual machines at one of our
hosters basically falling apart.  We'll need to migrate them ASAP to a
new hoster.  Apparently, budget shouldn't be an issue there, because
we're freeing up some money by reducing hosting elsewhere, but just in
case there's overlap we might be paying a few hundred USD extra. --
Asked Shari for ~200 USD/mo, which she approved.

1) social contract draft is with Lunar and Matt for one more review
before Vegas leads
2) the community council is writing our guidelines -- still in its
very early stages
3) sent another  update of the membership doc to this team for review
- -- next it'll go to tor-internal@
4) reworking SIDA proposal with Isa
5) OTF concept note for building community capacity within Torservers
was invited for a full proposal!
6) Cloudflare meeting (Mike will probably update)
7) support team met yesterday. we hope to integrate this team more
into the community team. phoul has done major updates to the support
docs and we're now working on plans for distribution and translation
and maintenance.
Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org


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