[tor-project] Notes from May 19 2016 Vegas team meeting

Kate ailanthus at riseup.net
Mon May 23 14:12:08 UTC 2016

> Notes for May 19 2016 meeting:
Sorry--forgot to add more stuff; adding now:

> Kate:
> 1) Update on Rule 41 

Ron Wyden introduced new law, the "Stop Mass Hacking Act"  #SMHAct :D
that would override Rule 41. We support the bill.

> 2) Negotiated with CNN lawyers to remove random, bad video that
> originally accompanied Isis interview (not a different weird but ok
> video dominates the page, and they have created a hilarious piece of
> art of Isis jumping from a US flag to a German flag)

Sorry, TMI ^^; meant to delete some of that :)

> 3) Have attempted to talk down a CNBC reporter from Dark Web article;
> sent statement and referred her to Matt Blaze, Chris Soghoian and EFF
> 4) Fast.ly meeting

We're writing a blog post with Fast.ly about their contribution to Tor
allowing us to distribute our software through their system.

> 5) Scheduling the next CloudFlare meeting
> 6) Meeting with volunteer to work on Press Kit
> 7) Put out Asn’s blog post to reporters
> 8) We need headshots - photographer at dev meeting?

> 9) Crazy idea: Tor Security Day! Pick 5 security goals for the group
> (everyone can PGP easily, everyone has an encrypted hard drive,
> everyone is on Signal or knows how to use Tails) and then we choose a
> day where collectively up our infosec as an organization. Remember,
> the weakest link can affect the strongest links!

What do you think?



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