[tor-project] Notes from May 19 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon May 23 13:20:56 UTC 2016

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Notes for May 19 2016 meeting:

1) Update on Rule 41
2) Negotiated with CNN lawyers to remove random, bad video that
originally accompanied Isis interview (not a different weird but ok
video dominates the page, and they have created a hilarious piece of
art of Isis jumping from a US flag to a German flag)
3) Have attempted to talk down a CNBC reporter from Dark Web article;
sent statement and referred her to Matt Blaze, Chris Soghoian and EFF
4) Fast.ly meeting
5) Scheduling the next CloudFlare meeting
6) Meeting with volunteer to work on Press Kit
7) Put out Asn’s blog post to reporters
8) We need headshots - photographer at dev meeting?
9) Crazy idea: Tor Security Day! Pick 5 security goals for the group
(everyone can PGP easily, everyone has an encrypted hard drive,
everyone is on Signal or knows how to use Tails) and then we choose a
day where collectively up our infosec as an organization. Remember,
the weakest link can affect the strongest links!

1) We are finalizing Tor Browser 6.0. Planned release date is next
Friday (May 27).
2) I worked on our search engine situation (Disconnect is falling back
to Bing see: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/19115):
We decided to make sure the fallback in Tor Browser 6.0 is not Bing
but DuckDuckGo and that I am writing an email to Disconnect
coordinating with them and asking about the search volume of Tor users
per day and whether that dropped due to Google results being not
available anymore.
3) I read and commented on a draft of the membership document
4) I spent some time thinking about the replacement for our e10s Y2
deliverable. We are planning to do browser independent sandboxing work
instead and are currently defining its scope.

1) Isabela repeatedly saves my team from confusion. Go Isabela!
2) I don't have any banking set up on BoA yet. Should I ping them, or
delegate it?
3) Has Shari now got the ability to read svn, decrypt passwords, and
share them with Seattleites as appropriate? This is pretty important.
I'm not policy-boss, so I shouldn't be password dispenser.

1) thanks for all your edits on the membership doc! I will incorporate
them and send back another draft before it goes to tor-internal at .
let's talk about it!
2) the rest of the community docs will follow -- that is, the social
contract and the community council guidelines. it may make sense to
send these all to tor-internal at the same time, since they refer to
each other.
3) community team participation still continues to be an issue. I've
been pinging a lot of folks to see if they might want to get involved.
most people are pretty busy!
4) LFP has a bunch of cool events coming up -- international
librarians conference, some UK dates, ALA, Toronto. thinking of how/if
this might be valuable to share with tor-project at . this is why we
really need TWN.
5) eager to get on Rule 41 advocacy and training.

1) DRL coming to visit the Seattle office on June 27-28. This is a
standard visit they do to all of their grantees.
2) Meeting with EFF last week - They're going to organize a meeting
between us and CloudFlare and may be willing to do an activism
campaign if that is unsuccessful.
3) Talked with Giant Rabbit about creating our donation
infrastructure. They've sent me a contract.

1) Still excited about the new Tor blog. Any news? Answer: Mike moved
the thread with Kevin forward a bit.
2) FYI: My next 4 months are going to be even messier, logistics-wise
and schedule-wise, than the last few months. :(

1) Wrote documentation for metrics-lib (Java library to parse Tor
descriptors used by Metrics, Onionoo, etc.) and discussed many
improvements to developing/building/releasing/running CollecTor (Tor
descriptor archive).  The medium-term goal is that Metrics doesn't
depend as much on a single person anymore.
2) Thought more about funding proposal and started a list of research
papers citing Tor Metrics, which already became quite a list (50+
entries).  Didn't start with the Metrics calendar or video of calendar
just yet.
Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org


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