[tor-project] Notes from May 12 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue May 17 09:42:24 UTC 2016

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Notes for May 12 2016 meeting:

1) I reviewed a bunch of sandboxing tech for Tor Browser. I think I
have the outlines of what a sandbox would look like that blocks
some/most/all of the information obtained by the FBI exploit (we'll
likely do best on Linux and Mac, but can still block proxy bypass on
windows). I will be sending that to the Tor Browser team shortly.
2) Got an email from Disconnect. They are working to restore Google

1) We worked on getting the ESR45 based Tor Browser into stable shape
(there are still things left to do)
2) I worked on our search engine situation (Disconnect does not have
Google results anymore)

1) Doing code review and encouraging others by formal pressures: Till
the needs-review tickets of May 10 are reviewed, I'm not reviewing
other (non-critical) stuff. [Talking with Isabela about this, and
applying structural pressure.  It's going fine.]
2) Need to get SVN access to Seattle folks. I need to hear from Shari
about whether it's internal or corp+internal. (Is Shari on?).
[Outcome: Shari says Jon should have access. So I added him.]
3) Resolved UDRP with help from Peter and Wendy.  Put my Google voice
# as the contact.  Now I am getting 4-5 no-message calls there per
day. (I have ringing disabled.) [Outcome: waiting for decision on
which phone number should get all the phonespam.]

1) Pick up SIDA proposal
2) tomorrow is DRL call I sent an email about it
3) sent a blog post for fact check to Roger and Nick

1) CloudFlare meeting and next steps
2) FBI exploit hearing happening today in Washington State. Mozilla
has requested that it see the exploit first.
3) Isis media and training going well so far :)
4) Rule 41
5) Fastly opportunity

1) Talking with Duck Duck Go to see if their search engine might be a
good way to go for Tor Browser.
2) Talking with Laura Cunningham from DRL to see if I can get a good
read on whether they really want TorDev in Valencia in 2017.
3) Jake's back. How can he best engage?

1) Reviewed CollecTor patches and discussed design changes with iwakeh.
2) Spent some time writing a possible funding proposal for metrics work.
3) Please read responses to notes posted to tor-project@ and respond
if people ask questions about your notes.

1) Still collecting user feedback around CloudFlare stuff. Contacted
all of the allies that were on my list, heard from only one, and that
one hasn't told me yet if I can share their comments with the group.
2) Reaching out to allied people (journalists, activists, attorneys,
etc) to see about getting more varied involvement in the community team
3) Continuing to work on the membership doc, social contract, and
support manual here and there in the midst of hectic travel and
speaking schedule.
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