[tor-project] Notes from May 5 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue May 10 19:41:39 UTC 2016

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Notes for May 5 2016 meeting:

1) Worked on the OTF proposal with Isa, the TBB team, and the core-tor

1) The tor-project rule 41 mail:
2) SponsorW! We tentatively have a new NSF project starting in August,
to build defenses for website fingerprinting
3) The subscription / membership discussion. Conclusion is that Alison
will send her current draft of the membership process doc, and we'll
look for landmines and generally try to move it forward to the point
that more people can read it and decide if it's addressing the right

(instead of listing everything I did, am just listing points where I
ask for Vegas input):
1) Wrote and sent out press release for DuckDuckGo and pitched to a
couple Philly reporters; got a Technically Philly hit and a lot of
twitter retweets-- dominated all other tweets for the whole
Philadelphia Tech Week now in session.
2) Rule 41: SCOTUS rule would allow FBI hacking of computers using
Tor, no matter where they are
  We are working with our alles.
3) Green Alerts--taking advantage of fast-moving good opportunities
for Tor
4) Marketing Tor to drive up Tor uptake:
         Goals to increase the number of users?
         Social calls to action on browser home page?
         App store optimization (there's an Apple app store for
computer apps)?
         User drive similar to EFF relay drive?
5) Scheduled and held two CloudFlare meetings (Friday afternoon/Monday
afternoon); set out plan to mobilize allies. Alison is soliciting user
stories. We will meet again early next week. Met with Marie on
CloudFlare strategy.

1) More hacking.
2) Helped with OTF stuff
3) Email transitions wrt Tom and Katherine (sent email to vegas-leads)
4) Going to Montreal this coming week
5) Somebody needs to train Seattle on SVN, etc.
6) We no longer have a huge box of quasi-antique HDs full of
who-knows-what. Instead the HD shredding people  have two or three
tubs full of mashed-up HD parts.

1) Apologies to Vegas team for jumping the gun on tor-internal.
Anything I/we need to do for followup?
2) Seattle office is staffed up and running.  Make sure teams know we
have administrative and grant-writing help in house if they need it.
3) What should we do about Tor Dev and IFF?

1) We worked on our transition to Tor Browser 6.0 which will keep us
busy the next couple of weeks, too
2) I reviewed the OTF proposal

1) submitted OTF concept note for Tor servers community capacity building
2) Cloudflare community stuff: team is working on allies outreach,
getting user stories, and creative campaign eg
3) We need docs with our messaging that can be easily shared with
allies, community members. Will ping Katie about getting these together.
4) Still slowly working on social contract, support docs, and
membership doc. The last one is the new priority given all Tor
internal stuff. Worked on it a bit with Lunar yesterday, hope to have
something for Tor internal to review after the weekend. Integrating
comments and ideas from the email thread.
5) Looking forward to seeing Shari and the Seattle office next week!

1) DRL stuff:
   * Submitted quarterly report
   * Will have a follow up call on our SOIs on May 11th
2) Submitting the OTF proposal tomorrow - trying to incorporate
feedback and get this done
3) Denna is cool with updating deliverables for TBB on contract will
get a draft of a formal proposal I need to write for her, for Mike and
Georg to review.
4) Richard Brooks want to write a SOI to DRL for a project with he
GENI network where we can deploy VMs on it for PT testing, or to run
bridges etc - is it useful for us? Do we want to do it?

1) collector improvement project is going really well and not only
improving collector but also other metrics code bases at the same time.
2) shutting down globe proceeds as planned. no big obstacles there.
3) tricked isabela into co-writing answers to funding-related
questions in the metrics team FAQ at

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