[tor-project] Which domains have onion addresses with EV Certs

Mike Tigas mike at tig.as
Sat May 7 19:47:49 UTC 2016

Per Paul's question about EV onion certs specifically: the public
Certificate Transparency logs are pretty great. They allow some audit
trail on cert issuance, revocations, reissues, etc. -- and the data
includes the "browser-friendly" .onion EV certs that DigiCert is issuing.


Comodo has a pretty decent search interface for CT logs that aggregates
the various log servers, so you can search for things like "%.onion":


Looks like that search result list also includes subjectAltNames and
things like that for multi-domain certs, which is pretty nice.

But this'll only be for the few CA-issued EV certs that exist, not the
common cases of self-signed certs or onion sites serving TLS with their
clearnet domain cert. (Those two cases seem to be the bulk of the older
wiki lists and what Juha reported.)


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