[tor-project] Onion sites vs onion services vs hidden services

David Goulet dgoulet at ev0ke.net
Thu May 5 17:37:05 UTC 2016

On 05 May (10:28:06), Damian Johnson wrote:
> Personally I don't care what we call them, but I *do* care about
> consistency. Stem continues to call them Hidden Services because
> nobody has offered to take ownership of renaming all the things. For
> instance the tor, spec, and website codebases still heavily use the
> old name...
> torspec$ grep -i 'hidden service' ./* | wc -l
> 105
> webwml$ grep -iR 'hidden service' ./* | wc -l
> 369
> tor$ grep -iR 'hidden service' ./* | wc -l
> 1054
> ... and this doesn't count the dozens of other codebases we have,
> aliasing torrc parameters, aliasing controller methods/events, etc.
> Personally I really like Sebastian's idea - hidden services are the
> name of the old thing, and onion services are the new thing. This
> avoids a lot of headaches.
> That said, renaming is certainly doable. It'll just take someone
> interested in investing days to hunt down all the old things and make
> pull requests. The one course of action I *do* object to is saying
> "we've renamed these to Onion Services" without actually changing all
> the things. That's just confusing for our users.

I have to agree here. A very important place imo that we need to change is the
"torrc" configuration file of tor where a hidden service is actually
configured by an operator. Someone new wanting to setup a "Onion service" will
get all sorts of confused when the documentation and options do not exists :).

We opened that ticket some months ago and you can see by yourself the first
comment that popped in few minutes after :)


Anyway, I'm fine renaming them which is also a good time for us to take a
decision on that because the next generation hidden service (proposal 224),
the prefix "hs_" is being used everywhere in the code to identify the hidden
service subsytem thus we could settle and use something that is more towards
onion service instead.


> Cheers! -Damian
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