[tor-project] catching up on the support situation and what's next

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Mar 23 05:32:53 UTC 2016


There has been a lot of discussion around user support. During
Valencia's Dev Meeting and later in email threads. I have been talking
with Colin and I want to help organize a way so everyone can collaborate
in building what's next for support.

We want to start with and IRCmeeting, for that please submit your vote
for a meeting date/time here:

As a preparation to that meeting we would like to ask everyone to read a
short report we put together:

First, you will find information aboutuser support during SponsorO. We
have also laid out the plan we created once that grant ended and we lost
the resources we had, along with a description of what happened with
each step of the plan.

Finally, forthe'what's next' part of the discussion, there are links to
two brain-storming documents. These are not necessarily the plan(s) we
will end up going with, but may be a good starting point for determining
what the plan should be.
We thought that a summary of what  hashappenedin the past year or so
with user support would be helpful for the discussion.

Let us know when is a good time to meet and continue this conversation!

Isabela& Colin

PM at TorProject.org
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