[tor-project] Support plan proposal

Alison Macrina macrina at riseup.net
Wed Mar 16 19:40:16 UTC 2016

Hi Colin, thank you for all your work on this!

Colin Childs:
> Support portal creation and/or FAQ updating:
> 1. Convert RequestTracker articles[4] into user-usable resources
> 2. Determine if these resources should be added to FAQ, or to their own
> page. My opinion, is that we could create something like Twitter's "Help
> Center"[5] using a combination of these articles, and expanded FAQ entri
> es.
> 3. If the help portal option is favored, researching which free
> platforms we could use for this would be my next step. I'm also
> confident that creating something with basic functionality would not be
> a large time sink, however this seems like a problem that is likely solv
> ed.

I would like to help with this section, particularly points 1 and 2. I'm
not sure if you've begun this or if you have other folks interested or
what, but you can ping me on jabber if you want to talk about it
(macrina at riseup.net, ab0292de161863f33d0122e1c8b03313e6b5ce40).


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