[tor-project] GSoC idea - Feedback/Report extension for TB

Nima Fatemi nima at riseup.net
Sat Mar 12 03:04:52 UTC 2016

Hey there,

As I've mentioned on IRC, I've this idea to create an extension for Tor
Browser. Such a thing could really improve our relationship with
end-users while helping us to collect the metrics we need for UX on an
opt-in basis.

Initially I was thinking of this as a mechanism for users to give us
feedback and report problems they might encounter while using the
browser. But after some thoughts and specially after seeing dcf's notes
from UX session at dev meeting[1], I realized we could even take this
further. This could be even used by users who have problem connecting to
Tor network to troubleshoot their connectivity issues or it could give
us a hint on how and when a network starts blocking Tor connections.

To write a simple list of the things I think this extension could do:

- Have a message box to submit feedback
  + we could let them to attach img as well
  + or we could include a checkbox that would automatically take an
screenshot of the Tor Browser window. I think chrome used to have such

- Have an option to opt in for network tests. Test different protocols
and see if vanilla tor or any of the Pluggable Transports are being blocked.

- Collect some information about their network and computers: such as
operating system, version of tor browser, country code, maybe AS Number,

There are some open questions to answer. eg how to safely submit
collected data? I was thinking maybe over onion but that's only if user
has gotten past tor-launcher and tor is running properly.

All of this obviously should be opt-in only and is a very good thing for
the review-board to approve before going live.

What do you think? Is it worth to give it a shot at GSoC? sukhe and
willscott have showed interest in mentoring. Can we have three mentors
for GSoC?

0XC009DB191C92A77B | @mrphs

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right
to say it" --Evelyn Beatrice Hall

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