[tor-project] State of helpdesk?

Noel Torres envite at rolamasao.org
Wed Mar 9 09:03:17 UTC 2016

Roger Dingledine <arma at mit.edu> escribió:

> Hi Colin,
> I had a good chat last week with one of the volunteers that you recruited
> some months ago to help with the helpdesk. He told me that he wasn't
> answering tickets anymore, since it is just a deluge of tickets, mostly
> the same over and over, and without any feedback mechanisms from the
> helpdesk to the other support pieces (faq, stackexchange, etc) and dev
> teams, there isn't really an end in sight.
> I suspect I agree with him -- taking a step back, it seems wise for us
> to enumerate our support mechanisms, and try to prioritize and triage
> so we do what is most scalable and most sustainable.
> That said, I don't think many of us have a good handle on where the
> helpdesk is right now. So it's hard for us to know where it should fit
> in this triaging.
> Can you summarize for us how many tickets it's getting, how many (and
> which) people are active, whether most tickets are getting answered
> (and after how long), what languages they're in, and whatever other
> questions I ought to be asking?
> Then we will be in a better position to try to help you.
> Thanks!
> --Roger

Just as a side note:

In Valencia there were some talk about resuscitating the service in  
spanish if we find three volunteers. I said I'll be one of them. Blame  
me but I don't remember who said to be the second one.


er Envite
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