[tor-project] State of helpdesk?

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Wed Mar 9 01:41:40 UTC 2016

Hi Colin,

I had a good chat last week with one of the volunteers that you recruited
some months ago to help with the helpdesk. He told me that he wasn't
answering tickets anymore, since it is just a deluge of tickets, mostly
the same over and over, and without any feedback mechanisms from the
helpdesk to the other support pieces (faq, stackexchange, etc) and dev
teams, there isn't really an end in sight.

I suspect I agree with him -- taking a step back, it seems wise for us
to enumerate our support mechanisms, and try to prioritize and triage
so we do what is most scalable and most sustainable.

That said, I don't think many of us have a good handle on where the
helpdesk is right now. So it's hard for us to know where it should fit
in this triaging.

Can you summarize for us how many tickets it's getting, how many (and
which) people are active, whether most tickets are getting answered
(and after how long), what languages they're in, and whatever other
questions I ought to be asking?

Then we will be in a better position to try to help you.


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