[tor-project] Google summer of code thought--

Kate ailanthus at riseup.net
Tue Mar 1 06:45:05 UTC 2016


I just want to say that this trajectory of events shows our
inventiveness, commitment, and resilience--and our ability to solve
problems as a group:

1. We were sad that we were rejected last year for Google Summer of Code
(they wanted to give the opportunity to some new groups; fair enough).

2. We came up with the idea of Tor Summer of Privacy!

But it is unfunded.

3. Awesome and amazing (though elusive) Tor board member Rob and his
wife Lauren kindly and wonderfully funded it--a morale boost for the
whole Tor Project. Thank you again.

4. We developed a relationship with the terrific Donncha, who becomes
one of our Tor Summer of Privacy students.

5. Atagar kindly runs the program. Thanks!!

5. Donncha does great work, and even invents a cool workaround for some
of our CloudFlare problems.

6. Donncha becomes even more integrated into the Tor community.

7. We apply again to Google and this year are accepted.

7. Donncha volunteers to help the next generation of Summer of Code


Katie :)

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