[tor-project] Infographic about Pluggable Transports

Nima Fatemi nima at torproject.org
Mon Jun 6 21:00:32 UTC 2016

Attention: Metrics, UX and PT teams

I'm working on an infographic about Pluggable Transport, that is ideally
going to help educating both end-users and bridge operators (including
potential bridge operators). I've prepared a list of things we could
cover on this. Please review and let me know if there's anything I've
missed that should be added to the list.

This infographic is going to have two sections, the first part is more
of a how-to. Showing 6-8 steps, demonstrating how to download Tor
Browser and configuring it to use a PT to connect to Tor network.

The second part, is the actual infographic part:

- List of PTs included in Tor Browser with a one-line summary and
significance of each

- List of PTs under development

- Stats
	+ Total number of PT bridges
	+ Average number of PT clients per day
	+ Maybe compare the numbers with direct connections?

- Links to PT page (on website and wiki)

What are other interesting numbers about PT world?

Is there anything else I should add to this? I was thinking about adding
average traffic the default bridges are getting per mounth, since it's
very significant. 'Azadi' alone has transferred more than 103 TBytes
since Feb:

      month        rx       |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate
      Feb '16     12.07 TiB |   13.48 TiB |   25.56 TiB |   87.62 Mbit/s
      Mar '16     16.81 TiB |   18.84 TiB |   35.64 TiB |  114.31 Mbit/s
      Apr '16     11.17 TiB |   12.59 TiB |   23.76 TiB |   78.74 Mbit/s
      May '16      7.16 TiB |    8.07 TiB |   15.23 TiB |   48.84 Mbit/s
      Jun '16      1.55 TiB |    1.73 TiB |    3.28 TiB |   57.62 Mbit/s

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