[tor-project] questions about new community safety documents and practices...

Alison macrina at riseup.net
Fri Jul 29 18:49:00 UTC 2016

Nima Fatemi:
> Alison:
>> I've attached the docs. Please keep in mind that they are company docs
>> from Tor Project. They apply to people who get paid by Tor Project Inc.
>> We are working on docs that apply to the rest of the community,
> Hey, out of curiosity... where did you find this docs from? Are they
> posted online anywhere? If not, let's fix it.

Shari sent them to tor-internal@ last week. We definitely need some kind
of portal for community and company docs; Roger and I were discussing
having a section under "About Tor" for such things. The Community Team
wiki is another place, but that doesn't really make sense for company
docs and it's also not a great place for discovery. So maybe we create a
section in "About Tor" and then we have "company docs" and "community
docs" with brief definitions of what is meant by each?


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