[tor-project] questions about new community safety documents and practices...

Alison macrina at riseup.net
Fri Jul 29 18:16:00 UTC 2016

Hi Lane,

Lane Rasberry:
> Hello,
> I just subscribed to this list hoping that this was a general discussion
> list for the Tor community. I think I am in the correct place, but if not,
> would someone redirect me?

You are in the right place!

> I see that there is another recent thread called, "The Tor Project Social
> Contract". Having text like this seems like a great idea! I subscribed to
> this list after reading a recent blog from headquarters at
> <https://blog.torproject.org/blog/statement-0>
> Part of the post said, "the Tor Project has created an anti-harassment
> policy, a conflicts of interest policy, procedures for submitting
> complaints, and an internal complaint review process. They were recently
> approved by Tor’s board of directors, and they will be rolled out
> internally this week."
> I am writing to ask if anyone can share copies of all these policies and
> any supporting documentation. Beyond that, I am writing to ask if they can
> all have free / open licenses that would be compatible for reuse in
> Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. It seems like this is already routine,
> but sometimes it is nice to clearly indicate a licensing scheme.

I've attached the docs. Please keep in mind that they are company docs
from Tor Project. They apply to people who get paid by Tor Project Inc.
We are working on docs that apply to the rest of the community,
including the social contract, which you saw in the other email thread.

> In Wikipedia, the community has faced similar conduct issues over the past
> few years. If the Tor community has a good start in developing text,
> policies, and processes for these things, then I might like to bring
> whatever insights are here into Wikipedia. Right now, Wikipedia does not
> have a code of conduct, and some people like me are exploring options for
> introducing one. Perhaps the Tor community would also find it useful to get
> community comments and critique for whatever equivalent documents are
> developed in Wikipedia.

That sounds great! We also have a CoC in the works. The best way to get
directly involved in creating the community documents is to join the
community team:
You can write to me off list if you have more questions about that team
and what we're up to (I'm the team lead).

> Thanks for discussing community issues in a public way. It is nice when
> various online communities can share ideas and best practices.

I agree! We have a lot of work to do and much to learn from each other.
I hope you'll get more involved and share your experience.

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