[tor-project] Notes from June 30 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jul 4 13:54:13 UTC 2016

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Notes for June 30 2016 meeting:

1) How to route money from Mozilla's bug bounty program to Tor? As a
donation? As "normal" wire transfer?
2) Moved forward with the Berlin meetup idea
3) Helped a bit with the ISC proposal

1) Posting blog post about Serene; answering media inquiries about our
tech; planning newsletter.
2) CRS has published a report on Rule 41

1) Trying to deal with software stuff. That seems to be going well.
2) Not much happening. No need to check in much.

1a) MOSS award: does it start on July 1? Isabela and Shari say yes.
1b) do we know when the paperwork will get signed? Isabela expects
paper work to start soon.
1c) and most importantly can we have sponsor letter X? Yes, already
assigned X.

1) Community team continues to work on the support manual and have
just started work on an attached glossary. We want to get in touch
with the folks who made the amazing Twitter support desk and get all
their secrets, because Twitter support is amazing.
2) social contract is really nearly done! getting feedback on the
preamble/blog text now. soon we'll have to talk about ratifying the
thing, and where it will live.
3) membership guidelines are next...
4) a few of us came up with some text for the folks speaking at HOPE
to say before their talk, gently acknowledging the elephant in the
room, and directing folks to talk about said elephant in a moderated
space at another part of the conference.
5) Alison is speaking all over the UK in the next two weeks (London,
Brighton, Glasgow) including a Tor talk at the British Library!!!!

1) Worked on mobile tor browser proposal to ISC - will submit today
after this meeting
2) We have a designer! who simply secure hired and is paying to do our
brand guideline - he did mozilla's and has a good track record doing
design work. Phil (from ux team) will be reviewing his work. I will
send a letter introducing him to tor-project. I was wondering if I
could extend the europe pre dev meeting gathering to Elio, Ame and
Phil -- they are all in europe and are working with UX team and I hope
they will do more projects with us beyond the guidelines. Would be
great for them to mingle and meet more tor ppl and for tor ppl to tell
them what needs we have.
3) Worked on organizing tasks with the core tor team
4) Hoping to get DRL reports done
5) SIDA is moving and we have a deadline (August 1st) yay!

1) board meeting today
2) dealing with some personnel issues
3) good news: we received the promise of a grant of $250k from the
Media Democracy Fund for general operating expenses
Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org


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