[tor-project] Welcome Elio Qoshi - designer who will help us at the UX team!

Elio Qoshi ping at elioqoshi.me
Sat Jul 2 10:38:22 UTC 2016

Thanks for the nice introduction Isabela, I'm humbled :)

I am looking forward to work and discuss with you folks in the coming
months and beyond. Also, hope to meet many of you f2f in Berlin at our
next meetup!


Elio Qoshi

Open Source Designer
Board Member at Open Labs
Representative at Mozilla
E:  ping at elioqoshi.me
W:  www.elioqoshi.me

On 7/1/2016 23:38, isabela wrote:
> Hello there!
> I would like to send this introduction because you will might see Elio
> on emails, face to face meetings and on irc.
> As you might know, last year we start building our UX team by inviting
> individuals and organizations to join and help us - we had our first f2f
> meeting in Valencia Dev meeting this year!
> The first project that came out of it was to work on a style guideline
> for Tor that will help us define the foundation of new designs we
> produce. Simply Secure (you might remember Amee at our dev meeting as
> well) will help us with this project and have done a lot of work
> preparing for it already, like hiring a designer!
> They actually hired two because just like when you are coding, is good
> to have a reviewer, anything done with a second pair of eyes will be
> done better :)
> Elio will be the designer working on the Style guidelines and Philip
> Lammert, from our community and who has also being involved on building
> up our UX team, will be working with Elio as a design reviewer.
> A little bit about Elio on his own words:
> "I have been involved with Design at Mozilla, Fedora, FSFE, I2P and many
> other projects, so I'm excited to help out with branding at Tor. Really,
> it's a privilege to work for Tor so I look forward to our time together!
> You can find more about me on my personal blog https://elioqoshi.me "
> Say hi to Elio if you see him around on irc o/
> Cheers,
> isabela

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