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Paul Syverson paul.syverson at nrl.navy.mil
Mon Jan 18 23:24:36 UTC 2016

This was done under sponsor R at the PI meetings w/ primary input to
the Uncharted folk (especially David Schroh I think, but also Kevin
Birk) from David Goulet and Aaron Johnson, also me, Roger Dingledine,
and Rob Jansen to varying lesser degrees.

An earlier version was done during the summer PI meeting and summer
camp (as they called it) for a presentation of work from the Memex
program in general (not just our team's part) to the DARPA
bigwigs. Their time was short and crammed. I had this on a big screen
off to the side of the demos and presentations and was prepared to
explain it and our onion services work.  But they never actually
had time to look at it.

This version was done during the autumn PI meeting. Let me know if
there are other questions.


On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 03:11:58PM -0800, Damian Johnson wrote:
> > Does anyone know who is responsible for this?
> > https://torflow.uncharted.software/
> Quick glance at its GitHub links seems to indicate its author is
> primarily Kevin Birk: https://kbirk.com/
> > It’s pretty cool!
> Agreed! This came up on tor-relays@ a couple months ago...
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/2015-November/008140.html
> Cheers! -Damian
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