[tor-project] Tor Dev Meeting in Jena/Germany?

Jens Kubieziel maillist at kubieziel.de
Mon Jan 11 10:03:32 UTC 2016


when I was driving back from 32C3, my wife and I spoke about having a
TorDevMeeting in our home town, Jena. I shortly discussed this idea in
#tor-project and decided to write a longer mail to you.

Jena is located in mid-Germany
(<URL:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jena>), has 110,000 citizens (a
quarter being students of our two universities) and is home to Zeiss
(you might know Zeiss glasses) as well as other e-commerce companies
(Intershop, Demandware are the more well-known ones). It also has a nice

How to get here?
Jena has no airport. The next airports are in Erfurt and Leipzig.
However Berlin, Frankfurt/M. and Munich are a trainride (2-3 hours)
away. Also several bus companies stop here (BerlinLinienBus, MeinFernbus
So from my impression it is easy to get here, YMMV.

There are several possible venues. Many of them belong to a university,
but can be used for nearly anything (no political events). If I can find
a professor who supports it the rent is cheaper or is, in some cases,
My wife organises trade shows and might have a suggestion. She also
offered in helping to organise the DevMeeting.

There are 7-8 hotels near the center of Jena. They have a total capacity
of ~400 rooms. Furthermore there is another one with 160 rooms. Details
can be found here:
(Anzahl der Zimmer == number of rooms, Zimmerpreis == price per room).

There are, of course, some more important points for a TorDevMeeting
which I'm currently not aware of. So if you like to know more or can
point me to some other important points I'm happy to provide those

What do you think? Should we move this idea forward?

Jens Kubieziel                                   http://www.kubieziel.de
Wer Dornen sät, darf sein Zelt nicht barfuß verlassen.
Werner Finck
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