[tor-project] Moar Project Ideas!!

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Mon Feb 29 17:09:02 UTC 2016

> In just a few short days we'll be removing prospective mentors we
> haven't heard from, and if there's no names remaining the project
> itself. Presently this includes the following...
> * Tor Codebase Cleanup (dgoulet)
> * Build Better Pluggable Transports (infinity0)
> * Add Support for Reporting Pcaps to OoniBackend and OoniProbe (Arturo)
> * Improve test coverage in Tor (dgoulet)
> * Have the Tor daemon use more cores (dgoulet)
> * Improved DNS support for Tor (dgoulet)

Hi all, pulled the trigger on this...


Folks are coming out of the woodwork to mentor so we still have ten
projects (yay!), but not much concerning core tor. if you'd care to
mentor one of these then more than happy to add it back to our page.

Cheers! -Damian

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