[tor-project] Moar Project Ideas!!

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Sun Feb 28 22:49:07 UTC 2016

If the following sort of "meta-project" is appropriate, feel free to add
this too:

Use Python, Twisted and txtorcon for Tor tools
language: Python, Twisted
Likely Mentors: meejah, as co-mentor

If you are interested in implementing some Tor tool, utility or network
research and are considering using Python I would co-mentor your project
and provide help and advice to use txtorcon to do so. If there are
missing features required to complete your tool, I can either help you
write a patch or do so myself.

It probably makes the most sense if your tool involves networking
somehow because Twisted is great for that and will then inter-operate well
with Tor, too. For non-networking utilities (e.g. parsing various Tor
cache files) Stem can be used.


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