[tor-project] Your gsoc project idea listing

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Thu Feb 25 10:53:20 UTC 2016

Sebastian Hahn <mail at sebastianhahn.net> writes:

> Hello!
> You are listed on our projects[0] page as likely mentors for students
> participating in a possible google summer of code 2016 for at least one
> of the following projects:
> - Ahmia - Hidden Service Search
> - Help improve Tor hidden services
> Please review these entries and let me know if you think these are
> still good ideas and you're willing to mentor this summer. If I do
> not receive a reply until the dev meeting, I will remove the above
> projects from the website until I hear otherwise. Please also
> suggest more project ideas and either submit them as website patches
> or let me know here and I'll make them appear on the website!
> Thanks
> Sebastian


I'm interested in mentoring for GSoC or SoP or whateve.r

Please remove the 'Ahmia' project, but keep the 'hidden services' one.

The hidden services project text is a bit dated but should do for now. I will
try to find time to edit it a bit and maybe add a note about building
applications like onionbalance etc.

Thanks and sorry for the slow response ;)

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