[tor-project] Moar Project Ideas!!

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Wed Feb 24 16:34:37 UTC 2016

> See https://www.marc.info/?l=tor-dev&m=145440925917524&w=4
> (Don't count this as a commitment to mentor, but we can talk about it.
> Custom Alerting
> Effort Level: Low-Medium
> Skill Level: Low
> Likely Mentors: Karsten, Damian
> Tor has a lot of services that run in complicated ways. Bandwidth
> Authorities and Metrics archives are two large examples. While DocTor
> and DepicTor (consensus-health.torproject.org) provide alerting for
> certain DirAuth related concerns - these other parts of the Tor
> Project lack them. Improving the alerting around these systems would
> give greater confidence in their operation and help resolve problems
> faster.

Hi Tom, I like the idea of a monitoring project and was already
scratching my head wondering if there's something DocTor related a
student could do. That said though project ideas need to be more
specific and meaty than this. If something comes to mind then let me

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