[tor-project] Your gsoc project idea listing

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Mon Feb 22 23:08:06 UTC 2016

Sebastian Hahn <mail at sebastianhahn.net> writes:

> Please review these entries and let me know if you think these are
> still good ideas and you're willing to mentor this summer.

I do not have the inclination to mentor this project this summer. I
don't believe there's very much more to do here, either -- we have some
decent examples of interop etc. and using Stem as txtorcon's internal
parser doesn't save any code. Please remove it from the ideas.

I would, however, be willing to *co-mentor* with any project that may
anticipate using txtorcon or event-based Python (asyncio or Twisted).

If more ideas are wanted for the page, I would also be willing to mentor
one of the following:

1. port txtorcon to use txaio internally, so that users of txtorcon may
   choose between Twisted and asyncio. May include some Python3 fixes as
   well (although txtorcon mostly works with Python3 currently). This
   would require a candidate already familiar with event-based
   programming (either asyncio or Twisted preferred) as there would be
   some non-trivial changes required, since txtorcon uses
   @inlineCallbacks internally (which doesn't work with txaio).

2. port txtorcon's test suite to use py.test instead of unittest and
   trial. Compare the amount of code, readability and simplicity of
   understanding for readers of the code. My expectation is that all of
   these metrics will be improved by using py.test. This would require a
   "very strong" Python candidate familiar with unit-testing, as some of
   the unit-tests aren't very well-written currently. Proficiency with
   event-based programming preferred (ideally asyncio or Twisted).


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