[tor-project] Tor Weekly News -- February 15th, 2016

Harmony harmony01 at riseup.net
Tue Feb 16 22:56:58 UTC 2016

> TWN:
>> I've sent this to the tor-news, tor-talk, and tor-project lists; let me know
>> if that's wrong.
>> Other suggestions gladly received as well!
> Thanks for putting energy into this! :)
> I would suggest not sending TWN to tor-projects but limiting to
> tor-news@ and tor-talk at . The initial idea behind sending it to tor-talk@
> is that people could actually react to the topics being discussed.
> But hey, run this as you think it's best!

Hello jl,

Thank you very much for picking up Tor Weekly News! I did a singularly
bad job of putting it down carefully, so please feel free to contact me
if there is anything I can do to make your job easier. In particular,
you may wish to be a moderator or administrator of the tor-news list; as
it stands, I will have to approve all of your posts to that list. I'm
happy to do that, but I can't promise it will always be timely.

Please do let me know if I can help at all. I look forward to reading
more posts from you and your team.


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