[tor-project] status of bwauths

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Mon Feb 15 22:50:46 UTC 2016

I do. My checkout is dd3d01fae752ff0c400ec55a700dfa11c31546d6 - which
I believe is HEAD of master.  I haven't done any tricks consciously -
I know Mike has configured things so it runs in a virtualenv now but I
had it running before that, so I did not. The README worked fairly

I'm running it with SQLAlchemy-0.7.10  It will take a few days to
accumulate enough data to generate a usable output file, and up to a
week to get really up and moving. If you restart the whole thing you
may lose data and start from scratch - so I avoid stopping my

Sometimes the scanners get stuck, so I had set up a job that would
display when they loop around, which I output here:
https://bwauth.ritter.vg/bwauth/AA_scanner_loop_times.txt  It appears
my scanner.9 is broken heh.  I'm not sure what to do about that, I
guess I'll kill that individual job and start it back up in screen....

A community member has looked closely at my data to see if they could
diagnose why things would sometimes get stuck, or relays would fall
through the cracks, which is why I have my logs symlinked there.  In
general there's a lot of things broken with the code right now, but it
functions 'well enough' to keep the network running. Just not well
enough to prevent it from getting stuck sometimes or to measure all
relays consistently.

I wrote a thing that would notify me if things got too out of date
(here: https://github.com/tomrittervg/checker/blob/master/samplejobs/BWAuthChecker.py
) but it's obviously not very good. I need to correct it because
sometimes the file is 3 hours out of date legitimately (I think?) and
obviously I'm not checking the loop-around time.

Let me know if there's anything else I can answer for you!


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